Listening Comprehension

Reading Comprehension




Can understand familiar spoken words and phrases, related to personal information, number, color, weather, favorite things, greetings, etc., when the speech is very slow and clear, with occasional pauses and repetition. Can understand basic words and simple sentences.
Can understand simple daily life materials, with the help of visual aids (pictures).




Can understand short dialogues on daily topics, such as family communication, school life, shopping, wearing, food, and transportation, etc., when the speech is slow and clear.
Can understand the main points, when listening to short, clear announcements, such as self-introductions, telephone messages, classroom announcements, weather reports, etc.
Can understand simple passages, and grasp the gist and main points, with the help of visual aids (pictures).
Can grasp basic information (such as names, dates, time, prices, places, etc.) from simply daily life materials, such as menus, tickets, postcards, signs, etc.




Can understand dialogues on topics of daily life, hobbies and habits, travel, recreation, and peer communication.
Can understand the gist and essential points, when listening to short, clear instructions and recordings, such as introductions, announcements, radio broadcasts, news reports, etc.
Can understand simple narrative passages of clear topics related to personal, everyday life experience.
Can understand the functions of passages and very short, simple texts, and can grasp the essential points (such as time, places, targets, rules, etc.) from the materials (such as messages, short notes, letters, school announcements, advertisements, and posters).