兒童華語文能力測驗(簡稱CCCC)將在8月9日舉行,報名時間從7月17日起至7月26日止,歡迎七至十二歲母語非華語的兒童報考。座位有限, 請儘早報名! [我要報名] [測驗海報] [CCCC文宣下載] [CCCC能力證書核發規範
Please be notified that the formal Children’s Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC)test of 2017 will be administered on August 9. The registration period is from July 17 to July 26. Welcome the children who are non-native speakers of Chinese between the ages 7-12 to take the test. The test seats are limited, seize the chance! [Register for Test] [Poster] [Download information of CCCC] [Issuance of CCCC Certificates Regulations